About Us

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Institute of Innovation is to work in partnership with business, industry, and our community to provide students with world class knowledge, marketable skills, and the work ethic needed to be successful in college, careers, and life.


1. We will have 100% completion rate among CATE students.

2. We will have 100% of our senior students successfully complete a career readiness evaluation.

3. 100% of students will be placed (higher education, workforce, military) within 10 months after graduation.

4. 100% of all CATE students will successfully master course standards.

5. We will provide all students with employability and career skills needed to be responsible citizens.

6. We will have 100% graduation rate among CATE students.

Program Effectiveness

  • i2 earned an absolute rating of Excellent on the 2014 School Report Card.

  • i2 has a highly qualified staff.

  • i2 received the Palmetto Gold award for our 2014 performance on our School Report Card.

  • i2 has earned accreditation under NCCER.

  • i2 is fully SACS accredited.

  • Facility improvements have been made to provide an environment that is conductive to learning.

  • Equipment upgrades include new up-to-date equipment for the following programs: Agriculture, Machine Tool, Health Science, Automotive, and Welding.

  • An active School Advisory Council Board affords stakeholders the opportunity to take part in the decision making process at i2.

  • i2 seniors who participate in work-based learning also participate in Workkeys assessment.

  • i2 exceeded the state average of students enrolled in career and technology courses who earned a 2.0 or better on the final course grade.

  • i2 exceeded the state average of career and technology education completers placed in postsecondary institutions, military, and/or the workforce.

  • i2 exceeded the state's average of students completing CATE programs and earning a diploma.